Wedding Cheese Extravaganza

I’m starting this blog mainly for my own amusement but also in hope of on the odd occasion to inspire some people on a rainy day to take action, whether to cook, eat, get active or dream, any of that would be nice!

I recently got married and became one of those wedding obsessives that I swore I would never was worth it mainly because the big Indian wedding thing crossed with the cool hip Swedish thing actually worked and people had a good time. One of the things I obsessed over was the WEDDING CAKE. My husband and I love all things foodie and celebratory so the cake somehow took on a disproportionate level of importance. I’m not that into cake (yes I know, I’m writing a food blog and I’m not a sweet baked goods fan!) but I am rather fond of Cheese… Cheese and Wine….it’s the best together but either is fine too. I did loads of research on the best combinations but surfing the web isn’t as good as real life so we headed down to our favourite cheese shop which happens to be very local too: La Fromagerie in Highbury.  They were so patient as my partner and I tasted anything we looked at and gave us advice on best combinations and heights etc. The final cheese break down was as follows and the picture of our tumbled creation are here for you to see.


Base layer: ½ Cornish Yarg (semi-hard, cow) (1.75kg)

Mid layer: 1 Whole Brie de Melun (soft, cow) (1.3kg)

Smaller cheese: Fourme D’Ambert (blue, cow) (750g)

Top cheese: 2 x Langres (soft, cow) (one for top, one in reserve when cutting)

2 x Coeur Neuchatel (soft, cow) (one for top, one in reserve when cutting)

3 x Rove De Garigue (soft, goat) (for decoration around the blue)

The cake was put together by our chef, flowers from my sister and some bits I liked and gathered after I saw some pinterest posts.




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