Courgette & Feta Bruschetta

Food on toast is my favourite go to quick and easy meals, it can be elevated into a treat with fresh organic vegetables, spectacular olive oil, fresh herbs and home made sour dough bread. This is one of my classic toppings, I hope you like it!

Courgette & Feta Bruschetta


2 Courgettes thinly sliced into rounds

2 garlic cloves minced

Lemon wedges

Few sprigs of fresh mint

Good quality Feta cheese, Bulgarian Feta is my favourite

Salt and pepper to season

Olive oil for cooking and a fruity good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for drizzling over the Bruschetta

1. Heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and tip in all of the sliced courgettes and pan fry for up to 15 mins, stirring often and crushing the courgettes with your wooden spoon until it become a soft and creamy. Add the minced garlic and carry on cooking, adding salt to taste.

2. Toast slices of your bread and spoon on dollops of the garlicky courgette mixture, squeeze over some lemon juice, crumble the feta and then sprinkle with some fresh mint leaves. Drizzle with your best extra virgin olive oil and a twist of black pepper. Bite into your crispy, soft and tangy treat!

Courgette & Bruschetta Tray


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