Strawberry cake

I wanted to make a 6 inch layer cake with a wow factor for our first BBQ of the summer and to celebrate having our first guests over post lockdown. I scrolled through countless strawberry cake images and traditional swedish strawberry cake recipes. This is a hybrid of a few of the recipes I liked and it tasted like summer, the things I liked about it was the size (only 1 deep 6 inch cake tin required! But it still was enough for 4 people and a few slices the next day), the frosting is thick and creamy but not too sweet, the strawberry and cream combination is a winner and the cake was light and airy. For the cake I used a traditional victoria sponge batter with a difference, the difference being lots and lots of whipping at each stage creating a very light and airy batter. I usually make the Mary Berry victoria sponge which is buttery rich and an ‘all in one’ mix in the food processor. The method for this cake requires a bit more time but resulted in a lighter cake. The frosting I used was mainly whipped cream but I added cream cheese and some icing sugar to give it body and taste. Like a hybrid butter cream without the butter and all the icing sugar.

So I’m scribbling this down so I don’t forget about these processes so I can make it again for future occasions! I think i could switch up the flavours too, perhaps blueberry and lemon, passionfruit, cardamon and orange blossom, earl grey and vanilla…..


The Victoria Sponge cake

The whipped cream frosting


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